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you move a lot throughout your day.
claim 7 minutes just for you.

It’s your time. Celeb trainer, Juliet Kaska and Vionic support
you in becoming the healthiest you.

Introducing, the Move for You Method.

Juliet Kaska - Trainer to the stars and you

reclaim your time. move for you.

Science has proven that movement is a key factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But life gets in the way of finding the time to “Move for You”. That’s why Vionic Shoes partnered with Juliet Kaska to create a program that makes it comfortable to step into movement. In this series, you’ll discover confidence through a workout that is all yours. No equipment needed.

Choose from the three 7-minute segments, or the entire 21-minute series. This is your time, and we support you in becoming the healthiest you.

the hiit movement

This High Intensity Interval Training segment targets your lower body, alternating between 15 seconds of rest and pushing yourself to your
cardio max for 20 seconds.
7 Minutes • All levels • No equipment needed


the core movement

This segment is all about your core, abs, back and inner thighs - the powerhouses of your body. You’ll be moving around your mat.
7 Minutes • All levels • No equipment needed


The Mindful Movement

This mindful movement segment calms and grounds you by
coordinating each motion with your breath.
You’ll finish feeling refreshed and flexible.
7 Minutes • All levels • No equipment needed


the complete 21 minute method

hiit, core & calm

trainer to the stars, and you

Juliet Kaska is one of the country’s leading fitness experts, celebrity trainers and fitness entrepreneurs. Her expertise and certifications bring a unique perspective and vibrant voice to a wide variety of custom workouts. She has consulted for and appeared on numerous programs such as Good Morning America, Dr. Phil and Entertainment Tonight. Numerous publications including Vogue, Shape, Los Angeles Magazine, People, Oxygen, Fitness Magazine, Glamour and Health Magazine have also featured her as a fitness expert.

Juliet is a member of the Vionic Innovation Lab, a team of world-renowned health and fitness experts who share a common vision of enhancing foot health and promoting a more vibrant, active lifestyle.

Juliet Kaska - Trainer to the stars and you

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